LEEF FIT is an application for LEEF smart bracelets and smart watches.


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Jul 21, 2022
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Leef Fit App

LEEF FIT is an application that helps to take care of your health and maintain daily physical activity.
Training modes in LEEF FIT give you the opportunity to engage in various sports, and the history of indicators to analyze the results. The application allows you to configure notifications on the device, turn on the training mode on the map, monitor physical indicators, etc., it all depends on the number of functions supported by the device itself.
The following functions are implemented in the application:
• "Activity"
"Movement" – the number of steps, distance and burned calories.
"Heart rate" - data on heart rate (beats per minute)
"Blood pressure" - data on blood pressure are given in the format of the ratio of values "Upper/Lower" (systolic/diastolic) in millimeters of mercury.
"Sleep" - sleep time data

LEEF devices are not medical measuring devices, the heart rate and blood pressure readings are for reference only and may differ from the true values. Infrared photoplethysmography (PPG sensor) is used to calculate the heart rate and blood pressure values.

• "Training"
When starting the "Training" mode, data on the route, the pace of training, data on the target indicators of the distance traveled and heart rate are transmitted to the Application from a smartphone or bracelet.
• "Menu"
This section contains Device settings, notification settings, and the technical support window.
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